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M Daniel GW
@m-daniel-gw • 9 months ago


The end is near {Christian poem}

         Dust rises from the ground of every step that I make, making me dizzy of every sip of alcohol that I take. I never thought, I would see....., the prophecy........of Jesus Christ coming to reality.

 Maybe I should go back home and dust off the holy book.  Maybe it can help me to be ushered into heavens. Still focusing my eyes on a bright light. Giving me hope to survive every night.

 Tell me is this what am seeing, the prophecy of Jesus Christ or maybe is because of sins of humanity, I began to witness my weakness as I saw every scene in action.

 In which kingdoms rises against kingdoms, nations against nations. I began to question myself ‘is the end at hand?’ my soul trembled upon seeing a fertile land producing food no more.

 This simply meant famine, before I would say this land is mine I had to move ahead with tears on my face with fears in my heart. I look at straight into the eyes of a man who seemed to be surprised with the presence of a drunken man.

 Without any- form of realization that he was a prophet in fact a false Prophet taking advantage of my dizziness, he delivered the prophecy which I denied without altering any word.

 At a point then go ahead. A lot of things have gone, missing the purpose why i was born. Cause everything i set my eyes on looks like a dry bone. I feared maybe tomorrow i can be filled up with sorrow. Of all things i have wittiness.

 But I just had to forget about it and move forward, toward the light that shined every night. I heard voice in the dark I realized it was at the back, turn my back and asked ‘who is there?’ but there was no response.

 I just had to go back and check what was happening in the dark shhhhhhhhhh they told me to be silent, because they had an announcement, but due to my drunkenness they almost killed me, due to lack of co-operation am telling you my legs did a great deal.

  I sat under a tree relaxing after an expected attack. Listen two young men have killed their father, my mind recalled with a greatest earth-quake in my heart the entire day seemed unfair due to things I wouldn’t bear.

 All the alcohol in my head was neutralised and I was back to my sense and I sensed the presence of salvation with all my procrastination that I don’t like to mention due to evil intention was deleted.

 I quickly had to take the bottle of alcohol out of my hands because the end was at hand. It was about time to be serious and watchful in prayer....