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Deja CueThe life of Broken Arrow Oklahoma native Brian Gondles sounds like the blueprint for a hit country song. From his humble, blue-collar upbringing at the hands of an aviation worker and healthcare administrator, this happily married father of four seems to be living the good life in the heartland. However, bubbling under the surface, is the story of a troubled youth, once addicted to methamphetamines, who hit rock bottom, not only losing his family at one point, but his reputation. The recovery for Gondles was a bumpy one, but through the power of prayer and sheer will, he emerged as the hip hop warrior for God, Deja Cue. Inspired by old school greats such as Kool Moe Dee, Special Ed and The Pharcyde, Cue developed an affinity for artist with lyrical substance. A skill he feels is sorely lacking in the music today. At first, Cue wrestled with his faith and his choice to do secular music. While secular music is widely popular and accepted, Cue had very little success or fulfillment doing it. As a result, Cue traded in his macho tales of street gangs, drugs and adolescent sexual conquests for deeply personal tales of love, pain and the redemptive power of faith. Hoping to shed the negative stigma of gospel rappers, Cues upcoming album, Infectious Behavior, boasts an impressive line-up of collaborators such as Mista Maze, Imac from Stack-A-Grip and super producer, Brok Bundlez, to name a few. Due out in the spring, the albums first single, Move around Devil, is already generating a huge buzz.As he puts the finishing touches on his album, Cue holds strong to his faith and remains active in the community by talking to children about the dangers of drugs and street gangs. Cues eagerness to share his life as an inspiration to others is noteworthy. Thus the stigma has been shed. Cue is not just another gospel rapper. He’s a devoted father, husband, role model, man of faith and a name you will be hearing about for many years to come.

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